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NEW 2016-01-14: Latest Project Report of Integrated Energy Settlement Wierthe, Germany
Read the actual project report about Integrated Energy Settlement Wierthe, an exemplary project to establish a sustainable ecosystem
Read the project report in PDF format!
NEW 2015-10-08: JetBlue und TERRA reveal blue potatoe farm and produce garden at Terminal 5 of New York's JFK Airport
An innovative experiment in urban farming and airport sustainability
Read the press release in PDF format.
NEW 2015-01-25: IFEED book used for university course in California
Dr. El Bassam’s book, Distributed Renewable Energies for Off-Grid Communities, will be used as a course book in the Winter Quarter 2015 at the Santa Clara University School of engineering. The course is one of the required core classes for the Interdisciplinary Certificate in Frugal Innovation. We congratulate Prof. Greg Smestad for using this informative book in his class.
For more information, visit his website.
NEW 2015-01-24: IFEED organized a training course for 7 Iraqui researchers
Special training program on Renewable Energy Framework and Capacity Building in Developing Countries initiated and coordinated by IFEED, at Solar Center Mecklenburg-Pomerania, Wietow, Germany. IFEED organized a training course for 7 researchers of the Ministry of Science and Technology (MoST), Baghdad, Iraq in the period from 30 November – 11 December 2014. The training course could be performed with substantial financial and logistical aid of the US Civilian Research and Development Foundation (CRDF Global), Arlington, Virginia, USA with its office in Amman, Jordan.
Read more in PDF format.
2014-10-01:New IFEED Flyer available!
All the basics about IFEED in one handy flyer.
Download the IFEED flyer here in PDF format.
NEW 2014-04-09: Preparing to Meet the Challenges of the Future
Prof. Nasir el Bassam from IFEED is interviewed by SGI Quarterly, Buddhist Forum for Peace, Culture and Education.
Article in PDF format.
NEW 2014-03-01: Water Point Water for Rural Population. Already heard about it?
IFEED Technology developed by Ernst Hauseder, Austria. Hauseder is a pioneer in water distribution and water treatment in rural areas.
Article in PDF format.
NEW 2014-02-18: DESERTCULTURE. Already heard about it?
DESERTCULTURE is a new concept and new project for rehabilitation and maintaining the vital role of deserts in our life, and it is also a concrete project. It targets food and energy, nature and culture, diversity and dignity, economy and society. It combines strategic approaches of clean technologies sustainable development in peace with our self and nature. First implementation: Converting the Green Valley Farm, Minya, Egypt into an Integrated Energy Desert Oasis.
Project documentation in PDF format.
NEW 2014-02-18: 2. Integration of Renewables with the National Energy Systems Grid Connection. Already heard about it?
Distributed renewable energy resources are energy fluxes that are often geographically dispersed. In order to reduce the volume of grid expansion, two possibilities exist: 1st Distributed produced renewable energy should be used at the site (Decentralized Supply). 2nd Heavy industries should be installed near big renewable energy systems such as the North Sea (off-shore wind turbines), i.e. the consumers should be close the generators.
Concept description in PDF format.



Solar oasis - Desert into Garden
Food, water and electricity out of the desert – that is the vision of the International Research Centre for Renewable Energy e.V. (IFEED). This should be possible through an intelligent utilization of renewable energies. We use the heat process which occurs in solar projects to make inhospitable regions liveable. The catchword is "Solar Oases". Document in PDF format...
(German only!) New Opportunities
Die internationale Finanz- und Wirtschaftskrise hinterlässt mittlerweile in fast allen Branchen tiefe Schleifspuren. Die schwer angeschlagene Automobilindustrie hat mit massiven Absatzproblemen zu kämpfen. Trotzdem sollte man positiv in die Zukunft schauen, denn diese Krise bietet auch eine Chance für den technologischen Fortschritt, die ergriffen werden sollte. Prof. Dr. Nasir El Bassam und Jürgen Mandel berichten in der etagreen ab S. 32 über die dezentrale Kraftstoffversorgung aus regenerativen Quellen. Artikel im PDF-Format...
Potential of Bioenergy
An IFEED paper examines impact of bioenergy on food security, food sovereignty, and bioenergy in relation to food prices, poverty and hunger to find out a possible answer to the vexed question - could bioenergy be a total disaster for poor and starving people or could it generate livelihood and sustainable development to have better access to food. This paper is part of the "Resource Management towards Sustainable Agriculture and Development" book, published by Agrobios International, India 2010. Document in PDF format...

Press Review

Deputy chairman of Lower Saxony in Germany Stefan Birkner visits Integrated Energy Settlement Wierthe (Germany)
IFEED presents the IE Wierthe project to political officials. The Peiner Nachrichten reports.
Read article in PDF format.
Wierther energy mix with a global touch
IFEED welcomes SPD Vice-president Hubertus Heil. The Braunschweiger Zeitung reports.
Read article in PDF format.
About the connection between worldwide starvation and energy production
Prof. Dr. Nasir el Bassam explains contexts to readers of the Braunschweiger Zeitung (German newspaper).
Open file in PDF format... (German only)
Renewables in India
India and IFEED exchange papers of the agreement on Research for renewable sources of energy.
Open file in PDF format...
Malaysians visit solar farm
Research Center for Renewable Energies IFEED presents solar farm in Wierthe, Germany.
Open file in PDF format...
(German only!) Interview on the "Desertec-Concept" with Prof Dr. El Bassam
Pathetik ist nicht die Sache von Professor Nasir El Bassam aus Vechelde: Die Welt retten, die Energie-Probleme der Menschheit lösen! Alles zu dick aufgetragen. Aber man könnte die Probleme ja kleiner machen, Alternativen und realistische Perspektiven aufzeigen – zum Beispiel mit Strom aus der Wüste.
Gesamten Artikel als PDF lesen...









Renewable Energy Sources and Their Applications

IFEED Director, N. El Bassam one of four editors for Abstract book from Seminar in Hisar in 2012. Manav Institute of Technology and Management, Jevra, Hisar organized an International Seminar on Renewable Energy for Institutes and Communities in Urban and Rural Settings from April 27-29, 2012. Scientists and policy planners from India and abroad participated and deliberated on various aspects of renewable energy including renewable energy sources, technology generation and refinement, domestic and commercial applications of renewable energy and needed policy interventions as support system etc.

This book entitled Renewable Energy Sources and Their Applications includes papers contributed by the participants and invited guests from India and abroad.

Editors: R.K. Behl, R.N. Chhibar, S. Jain, V.P. Bahl, N.El Bassam

Load the book here in PDF format...

Distributed Renewable Energies for Off-Grid Communities.

This unique resource describes the latest advances in distributed and off-grid renewable energy technologies and offers strategies and guidelines for planning and implementation of sustainable energy supply for individuals and communities. Coverage includes wind, solar, geothermal, and biomass systems planning and integration, economic assessment models and the role of legislative structures.

More information in PDF format...

Read the review of Prof. Dr. Rishi Kumar Behl von der University of Hisar, Haryana, Indien.


Tengri News interviews Prof. Dr. Nasir El Bassam at the end of the energy forum in Kasachstan on 4-5 October 2011

Potable water

A special form of Integrated Energy Farms is the solar oasis. With the help of solar thermal (CSP) electrical energy is generated in desert areas. The process waste heat is then used for the desalination of sea water. Watch the video now...

Worth knowing

Potential of Solar Water Distillation for Integrated Energy Farms. A case study on the example of Jordan.

Open document in PDF format...

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