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20-22 Sep 2022: Istanbul, Turkey

Technologies and Options for Securing Energy and Food Flows in View of the Ukrainian Crisis.

Purpose: The conference will focus on strategies, technologies, research incentives and policies to accelerate the transition process and securing reliable, sustainable, and affordable energy access in the 21st century for mankind.

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NEW 2018-01-22: New Initiative and Project 2018 – Empowering Rural Communities (ERC)

A new initiative aimed at developing all aspects of rural community life and ensuring the sustainability of each community. Read the PDF...

NEW 2018, Jan: New Election of the Board of Directors (2017)

Thomas Schellhorn

Board Member:
Holger von Dewitz

Marco Perschke

Managing Director:
Waldemar Hänsel

Director of the Research Centre:
Prof. Dr. Nasir El Bassam

International Secretary:
Marcia Schlichting

NEW 2018, Jan: N. El Bassam (IFEED) – Appointments Organizations

Vice Chairman: Association of Climate Protection Agency, Hildesheim-Peine, Germany (German only)

Chairperson, WCRE, World Council for Renewable Energy

Scientific Advisory Board, Federal Association of Regenerative Mobility

President: International Council of Sustainable Agriculture for Food, Energy and the Industry (ICSA)

NEW 2016-01-14: Latest Project Report of Integrated Energy Settlement Wierthe, Germany
Read the actual project report about Integrated Energy Settlement Wierthe, an exemplary project to establish a sustainable ecosystem
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NEW 2015-10-08: JetBlue und TERRA reveal blue potatoe farm and produce garden at Terminal 5 of New York's JFK Airport
An innovative experiment in urban farming and airport sustainability
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NEW 2015-01-25: IFEED book used for university course in California
Dr. El Bassam’s book, Distributed Renewable Energies for Off-Grid Communities, will be used as a course book in the Winter Quarter 2015 at the Santa Clara University School of engineering. The course is one of the required core classes for the Interdisciplinary Certificate in Frugal Innovation. We congratulate Prof. Greg Smestad for using this informative book in his class.
For more information, visit his website.
NEW 2015-01-24: IFEED organized a training course for 7 Iraqui researchers
Special training program on Renewable Energy Framework and Capacity Building in Developing Countries initiated and coordinated by IFEED, at Solar Center Mecklenburg-Pomerania, Wietow, Germany. IFEED organized a training course for 7 researchers of the Ministry of Science and Technology (MoST), Baghdad, Iraq in the period from 30 November – 11 December 2014. The training course could be performed with substantial financial and logistical aid of the US Civilian Research and Development Foundation (CRDF Global), Arlington, Virginia, USA with its office in Amman, Jordan.
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Solar oasis - Desert into Garden
Food, water and electricity out of the desert – that is the vision of the International Research Centre for Renewable Energy e.V. (IFEED). This should be possible through an intelligent utilization of renewable energies. We use the heat process which occurs in solar projects to make inhospitable regions liveable. The catchword is "Solar Oases". Document in PDF format...
Potential of Bioenergy
An IFEED paper examines impact of bioenergy on food security, food sovereignty, and bioenergy in relation to food prices, poverty and hunger to find out a possible answer to the vexed question - could bioenergy be a total disaster for poor and starving people or could it generate livelihood and sustainable development to have better access to food. This paper is part of the "Resource Management towards Sustainable Agriculture and Development" book, published by Agrobios International, India 2010. Document in PDF format...

Press Review

A Marshall plan against poverty, hunger, flight and desertification
Nasir El Bassam nominated the Peiner of the year 2017. A native of Iraq, he is a leading expert on issues relating to the topics of renewable energies and the energy transition.
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Climate protection starts in the home
The Funding Association supports the Climate Protection Agency Hildesheim-Peine and also helps it financially.
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Islam belongs to Germany
Professor Nasir El Bassam from Vechelde is a globally sought-after specialist in the field of renewable energies, appeals as a Muslim for a coexistence of religions, and calls for effective action against Islamist terror.
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Energy settlements could prevent refugee hardship
In these days of never-ending influx of refugees, a vision is behind IFEEDs project Integrated Energy Settlement Wierthe.
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Deputy chairman of Lower Saxony in Germany Stefan Birkner visits Integrated Energy Settlement Wierthe (Germany)
IFEED presents the IE Wierthe project to political officials. The Peiner Nachrichten reports.
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Wierther energy mix with a global touch
IFEED welcomes SPD Vice-president Hubertus Heil. The Braunschweiger Zeitung reports.
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Water, Energy & Food Sustainability in the Middle East, The Sustainability Triangle.

Contains N. El Bassam's article Technologies and Options of Solar Energy Applications in the Middle East, pp 193-221.

Full title: Water, Energy & Food Sustainability in the Middle East, The Sustainability Triangle. © 2017 Springer International Publishing AG. Part of Springer Nature

Distributed Renewable Energies for Off-Grid Communities.

This unique resource describes the latest advances in distributed and off-grid renewable energy technologies and offers strategies and guidelines for planning and implementation of sustainable energy supply for individuals and communities. Coverage includes wind, solar, geothermal, and biomass systems planning and integration, economic assessment models and the role of legislative structures.

More information in PDF format...

Read the review of Prof. Dr. Rishi Kumar Behl von der University of Hisar, Haryana, Indien.


Tengri News interviews Prof. Dr. Nasir El Bassam at the end of the energy forum in Kasachstan on 4-5 October 2011

Potable water

A special form of Integrated Energy Farms is the solar oasis. With the help of solar thermal (CSP) electrical energy is generated in desert areas. The process waste heat is then used for the desalination of sea water. Watch the video now...

Worth knowing

Potential of Solar Water Distillation for Integrated Energy Farms. A case study on the example of Jordan.

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